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Student Work


Blog sites: For their final project, each sophomore-level Visual Communication student has a week to build a WordPress blog site for a media company. The assignment, which is intended to be a brief introduction to web development, requires them to incorporate various projects from the semester: their company logo, infographic, and video. Stock photography and video are permitted.

Video: Sophomore Visual Communication students produce a 2- to 3-minute video profile story. They learn how to incorporate A-roll and B-roll, and, most challengingly, focus on character in storytelling.
Soundslides: Junior and senior Convergence students build upon their digital photography and audio storytelling skills to produce these slideshows. In larger classes, they work in groups.
Logos: Sophomores in my Visual Communication class are assigned to develop an idea for a media company and design a logo for it. The assignment teaches them to simplify and communicate their ideas visually, and integrate various graphical elements within a single design.
Infographics: Sophomore Visual Communication students use various infographic web sites to simplify their ideas for a media company and communicate those ideas visually. The emphasis is on critical and conceptual thinking, not on software skills.

Photography: Having learned the basics of how to set exposures with a digital SLR, and how to compose images, sophomores are asked to submit a set of images with people and a set without people.

Student Evaluations

The most effective part of this course was: “Dr. Gorbach’s enthusiasm and willingness to help.” I would like my professor to know that: “He’s awesome.”

Student from MACO 230 Fall 2014

“Thanks for actually helping me get better. The feedback helped.” “The course was helpful.”

Student from MACO 252 Spring 2015

The most effective part of this course was: “Group work and combining ideas.” I would like my professor to know that: “His class is interesting.”

Student from MACO 230 Fall 2014

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